Lewis Hamilton on his car development opinions: “I was right”

© Wolfgang Wilhelm for Mercedes-Benz AG

Lewis Hamilton explains his criticism of the Mercedes team for not listening to his opinion on car development, and says: “I’m not always right, but in this scenario I was right”.

After Mercedes’ poor performance at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton said the team didn’t listen to him when he told them what he believes needs to be done with the car over the winter break.

Ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Lewis said that he might not have chosen the right words in his criticism, but after the race he reiterated that he believes he was right regarding the car.

“I’m one of those people that always likes to be right, but I’m not always right, but in this scenario I was right,” the Briton told Sky Sports.

“So it was good, it was like – ‘I told you’. It’s a team collaboration. At the end of the day I’m the driver not the designer, but I’m the gateway to the car’s performance.

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“So we’re just working on continuously trusting each other in what we try to give back.

“They do listen to me, I mean look at the success we’ve had over time, so we listen to each other. We’ve had our disagreements and that’s inevitable in relationships.

“What’s important is just owning up to it – ‘ok, I was wrong’ or ‘you were wrong’ or whatever it is, and then just huddle up – ‘we’re a team, so how can we fix it?’

“’What are we going to do? How much energy are you going to put into it?’,” Hamilton concluded.

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