Lewis Hamilton on his “My tyres are gone” radio messages

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Lewis Hamilton says there’s a “very fine line” when you bluff about the condition of your tyres over the team radio, and you have to be careful not to “bluff your own teams”.

In an interview with Mercedes sponsor CrowdStrike, Lewis Hamilton was asked about complaining about the condition of his tyres when he talks to his team during races.

“Sometimes, the worst thing is if you bluff your own teams,” the Briton said.

“So you’ve got to be careful. In the past, there have been times where it’s worked in benefit but it’s a very, very, very fine line.

“The other teams are listening to what you’re saying, so everyone is listening out to who’s pitting when.”

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Lewis also explained how the team calls him in to pit for new tyres at the latest time possible, in order to prevent rival teams from reacting.

“I don’t know if people that are watching know that we call the latest time on the lap when they can call me in for a pit stop so usually the second to last or last corner.

“That gives the team enough time to get the tyres run out before the other team can react. That’s super exciting.

“I really enjoy that,” Hamilton concluded.

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