Lewis Hamilton on Mercedes’ 2022 car: “I hope the sim is accurate”

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Lewis Hamilton says he has driven the Mercedes W13 in the simulator and adds it is “so different to any other car I’ve driven in the past”.

At the Mercedes W13 launch Lewis Hamilton gave his thoughts on the completely different 2022 challenger.

“I have driven the simulator,” Hamilton said.

“The car is so much different. It’s so different to any other car I’ve driven in the past in terms of the aero balance and how it shifts, and the mechanical balance and how it shifts. A low rear.

“It’s a different machine to drive. And will require a lot of work and finesse to find how to set it up with new different tools we have.

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“But this is the most exciting part of the year to me when you see all the engineers, the men and women who have been working so hard, you see the smiles on their faces.

“They’ve been doing this work for months and the pieces are now built. Then you see the car delivered on a launch like today. It’s a special experience to go through with everyone.

“I have no idea what to expect, I hope the sim is accurate,” concluded the Briton.

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