Lewis Hamilton on partnership with Bono: “It’s like a marriage”

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Lewis Hamilton describes his partnership with his race engineer Peter Bonnington – Bono as “a marriage”, and says they sometimes “get frustrated with each other”, but ultimatley “work it out and we keep pushing”.

Senior Race Engineer Peter Bonnington, affectionately called ‘Bono’, is there for Lewis Hamilton at all times.

Bono has guided Lewis to countless victories, and can often be heard over the radio urging him on with phrases like “It’s Hammertime!”

In an interview from 2021, Lewis talked about their ten-year partnership.

“I mean with Bono it has been the longest engineer partnership that I’ve experienced and it’s been amazing,” Hamilton said.

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“But it’s [also] been tough. He’s had some real difficult times as well in his journey and we’ve been there, through it, together. These ups and downs bring us closer.

“Sometimes we get frustrated with each other. It’s like a marriage, I guess, but we work it out and we keep pushing.

“I think what’s at the core of it is that there’s love and there’s real friendship and loyalty, which is a real part why we’ve been so successful,” concluded the Briton.

To find out more about Bono, and his relationship with Lewis, you can read our in-depth profile on him.

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