Lewis Hamilton on the biggest challenges to winning eighth title

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Lewis Hamilton talks about the biggest challenges he has to face to win when he embarks on a journey to win the Formula 1 championship.

This year Lewis Hamilton has the opportunity to surpass Michael Schumacher and become the only Formula 1 driver in history to win eight championship titles.

Despite Mercedes struggling in pre-season testing, Hamilton is still the strongest contender to win the title this year. However there are some challenges he has to overcome.

“In terms of consistently coming back each year, that is one of the biggest challenges I think that any athlete in the world faces,” Hamilton said on day 3 of pre-season testing.

“One of the goals is to try and improve and not drop the ball, and the other is that you’re stronger, focus on the weak areas whilst still keeping the levels strong.

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“I can tell you that it’s definitely not an easy task. There have been times where I’ve improved in some areas, and others have dipped a bit.

“A little bit is also collaboration – working with your engineers, challenging your engineers, having them challenge you and raise areas in which they feel that they can see better ways of working together.

“And it goes back to energy levels. Fitness and mental health I think are these really important key factors and elements, that you have to try and have, firing on all cylinders. That naturally will enrich us athletes, and competitors will emerge over time.

“And so that’s a very difficult balance to strike,” concluded the Briton.

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