Lewis Hamilton on the driver salary cap: “I’m not personally opposed to it”

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There have been a lot of discussions about introducing a driver salary cap in Formula 1 from 2023 onward. Lewis Hamilton has been asked to comment on the proposal.

Formula 1 will implement a $145 million budget cap for teams in 2021. The budgets are set to be reduced even further in subsequent years. However, driver salaries are not included in this.

Since there are discussions going on about implementing a driver salary cap, as the highest paid driver in Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton was asked to give his thoughts on the subject.

“I’m not personally opposed to it,” said Hamilton at the Bahrain Grand Prix Thursday press conference.

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“I do think about the next up and coming young stars that are coming through and I don’t particularly see why they should be handicapped if they’re bringing something huge to the sport.

“If you look at other sports, there have been salary caps in some of those sports… I think the one difference is that those places the individuals own their image in many areas, they can try to maximise their image elsewhere. This sport controls pretty much the driver’s image.

“It is a multi-billion dollar sport and they should be rewarded for what they do bring to it,” concluded Hamilton.

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