Lewis Hamilton on “trying to keep up” with Max Verstappen

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At the French Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton managed to finish only 10 seconds behind Max Verstappen. The Briton explains what went on in the race.

For most of the 2022 season Mercedes had no chance of challenging the dominant Red Bull. However, at the French Grand Prix, not only did both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell beat Sergio Perez, Lewis also kept up with Verstappen and finished only 10 seconds behind him.

The Briton explains what went on in the race.

“I was trying to keep up with Max, he was just so fast,” Hamilton said.

“I was kind of keeping with him for like two, maybe two laps and then… but literally I’m full gas down the straight and he’s pulling away.

“That’s, I think, the biggest… one of the biggest deficits was the straight line today. So if you’re losing four tenths, whatever it is, three tenths whatever it is on the straight this, there’s nothing you can do about that.

“So we’ve got to work to improve that for the future. And as I’m sure there’s a couple other places that we could be better.

“But yeah, if I pushed any more maybe I wouldn’t have seen the end of the race at the same position.

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“So I had to also keep in mind keeping the car in one piece and keeping the tyres there. This is the best result we could get.”

When it was mentioned to Lewis that he did manage to beat Perez, the Briton said:

Yeah, well, we both did. I think at the beginning keeping them behind was definitely tough, given their straightline speed was just impressive.

“So having to try and keep them out of the DRS zone was really the trick and then and then just tyre usage I think was probably key today.

“So yeah, I definitely don’t think George and I expected to be second and third. As you said, this is the highest I’ve been all year.

“So this is a huge day for me overall and looking forward to taking this positive energy onto Budapest,” Lewis concluded.

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