Lewis Hamilton on what it would take to win the 2022 title

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Lewis Hamilton says the 2022 title can still be won “theoretically” and explains what needs to happen for him to be able to win it.

There’s no doubt that Mercedes is faced with serious issues in their 2022 campaign. Taking into consideration how the team seems to be seriously lagging behind Ferrari and Red Bull, ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton was asked if he thinks he can still win the title.

“I know there’s a lot of points available,” Lewis said.

“And theoretically, yes, it’s still possible. But one has to be realistic. And the problems we have are not small.

“The car in terms of how it drives is, the issues we have in the way it behaves… These guys are seconds, over a second ahead, as a worst case scenario.

“If we happen to fix this in the next race, which we don’t currently have anything coming to fix it for the next race, we don’t have a solution just yet.

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“Even to design something, if we do find what the solution is and we have to change it, the team will work as hard as it can, but things could take a month in design and getting those things built.

“So I think we keep our heads down, we remain hopeful. We continue to chase. But you just have to keep an eye on the realistic position we’re in, and just got to work hard to make sure that we’re not in this position next year.”

The Briton then explained what needs to happen for him to be able to win his eighth championship.

“I’ve never been this far down,” he acknowledged.

“We know how these championships work, and with those two teams at the front, Ferrari and Red Bull who are punching out serious performance, we’ve got to find a second and a half at least soon to be ahead of them, and finish ahead of them every single race for the rest of the year basically.

“That’s not going to be easy.”

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