Lewis Hamilton on whether Mercedes is most likely to beat Red Bull

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Ahead of the United States Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was asked if he believes Mercedes is more likely to beat Red Bull in the future, than Ferrari is.

With Ferrari having a difficult time beating Red Bull in 2022, Lewis Hamilton was asked if he believes Mercedes is more likely to beat the Austrian team in the future.

He was also asked to give his opinion on what makes Mercedes so strong compared to Ferrari.

“Yeah, that’s a good question,” Hamilton said.

“Well, unlike at the beginning of the year, where I said, we don’t make any mistakes, we’re human. And we clearly do.

“I think, Ferrari will also have people that have been there for over 20 years and we really do have naturally, I think, a lot of strength in depth.

“I think it’s leadership. We’ve got a great leader. We’ve got amazing support from the Daimler board who all like racing. Passionate racers.

“And then I think it’s the core group of people. There’s great communication throughout the organisation.

“Toto is very focused as a leader to really elevate people. I don’t know any other leader that that I’ve worked with at least that that goes and says, ‘hey, how’re things at home?’

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“How can I help support you better, so you have more time with your wife or your husband or with your partner, with your kids, so that you come to work and be happier and want to commit more. That’s who Toto is.

“So I think it’s that, and because of that, there’s a real general hunger within the team. So yeah, a combination of those.

“And I’d, like to think that we’re going to be the ones that are competing with them and being able to beat them again, I do believe that for sure.

“But I really hope that Ferrari are strong in the following years. They’ve definitely had a difficult year but there’s been some strong signs, obviously, that you’ve seen this year, which has been nice to see.

“And it’s been nice to see Ferrari doing well again. So I hope that it’s more than a two-way battle next year. I hope there’s at least three of us.

“If not, surprisingly, maybe more. Like, why can’t McLaren be there? We’ll see. Or even Alpine’s been doing amazing.

“So we’ll see,” the Briton concluded.

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