Lewis Hamilton on why he couldn’t catch Max Verstappen

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Lewis Hamilton says he doesn’t know what him and Mercedes “could have done differently” to beat Max Verstappen, so he’ll have to “sit down and talk with the team”.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes tried to beat Max Verstappen at the US Grand Prix by staying on the track longer than him, so they can later try to catch him on fresher tyres.

Lewis did manage to get close to the Dutch driver in the final laps of the race, but unfortunately he never got close enough to attempt an overtake.

After the race he tried to explain what prevented him from mounting an attack.

“The dirty air and just overheating of the tyres [made it difficult to catch Verstappen],” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1.

“But what a great race down to Turn 1. I thought for a second that we might be able to win the race, but we have to wait until the next one.”

In the press conference afterwards Lewis further discussed what happened.

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“We gave it everything we had, and they were just quicker than us this weekend and on all tyres today, for whatever reason.

“I can’t pinpoint it. It looked like they had just a better rear end, a little bit less sliding than we had.”

The race did start great for him, though, as he managed to overtake Verstappen immediately and keep the lead until the first set of pit stops.

“Yes, a great start, and the goal was to get in the lead. Finally got a good start – I have not had as good a start in a long time – and I was really happy with it.

“And it was just about staying clean and coming out ahead and holding onto it. It felt good at the time to get into the lead; I thought: ‘This is step one’, and as I said, they were just too quick.”

Hamilton concedes he is not sure what the team could have done differently.

“I don’t know what we could have done differently. I’ll have to sit down and talk with the team afterwards – I think the team did a great job today and it was the best… we had.

“We go into at least the next two tracks, which are very strong circuits for Red Bull – so that’s going to be tough, for sure.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said the team will need to analyze what happened today.

“I think we could have won the race, of course, because we were in the lead and we had a very strong pace on the hard,” the Austrian said.

“In a way, we need to retrace the weekend from Friday to Sunday, where did we misjudge, where did we get it wrong, what did we do well?

“There will be plenty of positive discussions about what to learn from this weekend,” concluded Wolff.

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