Lewis Hamilton on why he doesn’t “get tired of racing”

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Lewis Hamilton says he doesn’t “get tired of racing” because of the various “elements” of his job, including “riding a different rollercoaster” every weekend.

During a Q&A with students from the Mulberry Schools Trust Group, Lewis Hamilton was asked if he ever gets bored of racing in Formula 1.

“I don’t get tired of racing because there are so many elements to the job,” the Briton said.

“It is not just racing and going round in a circle as people think. You are working with a large group of people, there are photoshoots, you are travelling to all these destinations, there’s a training regime.

“Then you get to do the fun part, which is the racing part which is like going to a theme park every weekend and riding a different rollercoaster.

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“There are all these different tracks and you are finding new challenges so it never gets boring.”

A female student then asked Lewis if she could one day become a racing drive.

“One hundred per cent you can be a racing driver,” Lewis replied.

“We have the W Series at the moment which is bringing through a lot of great female drivers.

“I am hoping at least one, or some of them, will eventually get through to Formula 1,” the Briton concluded.

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