Lewis Hamilton: “Our collective goal as a team is dominance”

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Lewis Hamilton talks about what keeps him motivated in Formula 1 and says he still loves ‘the challenge and the racing’.

Having won six Formula 1 world championships, only one shy of Michael Schumacher’s all-time record, one would think Lewis Hamilton doesn’t have a lot of goals left to accomplish in the sport. However the Briton insists he is still as motivated as ever.

“The first point is that I love racing,” explained Hamilton when asked what motivates him in Formula 1.

“Since I was a kid, it’s been something that I’ve loved and that’s not diminished at all. There’s definitely been years where it’s been a little bit difficult, but that’s a lot to do with the fact I don’t have the enjoyable balance that I have now.

“As I’ve said, it’s so much more than being a racing driver, it’s the balance of being a team player, partnering with these incredibly intelligent engineers and pulling things out of them that they didn’t realise they had. These engineers are so smart, so you wouldn’t think that you’d be able to outwit these incredibly talented people, but sometimes you’re able to provide a perspective that they didn’t have originally.

“I love the challenge and I love the racing. Our collective goal as a team is dominance – we’re all on the same page in that respect.

“There’s never been a single race or a single qualifying that’s been perfect. You can always be better, or fitter, or sharper, or make smarter decisions, so while I’m still at my peak I’ve got to keep going.

“And I don’t know where that’s going to take me, but there’s a long time after racing, a lot of life to live. One hundred percent, I’m sure that every driver that stops misses it so much.

“It’s probably the same with every athlete that stops, there’s nothing quite like it – and there will be nothing quite like it for me – but you have to find other things that you are passionate about and other challenges that are also exciting,” concluded the Briton.

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