Lewis Hamilton ‘really wants’ to see Formula 1 in South Africa

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Lewis Hamilton reiterates he wants to see Formula 1 return to South Africa, because “my ancestors are from there so it’s important for me personally”.

Formula 1 is rapidly expanding globally, especially in the United States, with the country hosting two races this year and three in 2023.

Lewis Hamilton is very happy to see F1’s increased appeal.

“It’s amazing the relationship we have now [with the United States], three races, that’s going to be awesome,” Hamilton said at the Australian Grand Prix drivers’ press conference.

“It will be good for the business, with Vegas an awesome addition. I’ve not seen the track layout so I don’t really know how that will be but just being there, the spectacle, I welcome it.”

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However, he continued by reiterating that he wants the sport to return to South Africa for the first time since 1993.

“The one I really want to see is South Africa. That’s the next one I want to hear announced.”

Asked why it’s so important to him, he replied:

“Well, we’re pretty much on every other continent so why not. Ultimately, my ancestors are from there so it’s important for me personally.

“And it’s important for the sport to go there,” the Briton concluded.

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