Hamilton reminded of Senna/Prost in his battle with Verstappen

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Lewis Hamilton says he believes close wheel-to-wheel battles are what draws fans to Formula 1, as it did him when he was watching Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

With Lewis Hamilton now engaged in a close championship fight with Max Verstappen, that has already led to many close on-track situations, the seven-time champion recalls how he was attracted to Formula 1 while watching Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost’s often controversial battles.

“I remember when I first started watching, and particularly rewatching footage of the Senna/Prost period,” Hamilton said.

“At the time, it was just exciting. I had no idea whether that was good or bad for the sport. Just like growing up racing, wheel-to-wheel racing was always the best through karting.

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“If you look, the most exciting times in motorsport are when you see wheel-to-wheel racing, so we’re now seeing, fortunately, two teams incredibly close in performance.

“I don’t like to compare it to past drivers, or past champions, it’s a new era, a new time, but I would imagine it’s not bad for the sport.

“I think we are trying to continuously improve the sport and how we engage with the fans and provide them with the most exciting races.

“The fans that are watching, I guess if there’s more people watching that tells you everything,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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