Lewis Hamilton removes jewellery ahead of the British GP

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Lewis Hamilton and the FIA have been in a standoff regarding the jewellery ban since the Miami Grand Prix. Ahead of the British Grand Prix, Lewis removed all jewellery.

Ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, the FIA announced they will start enforcing their long-standing jewellery ban, meaning the drivers would no longer be allowed to wear jewellery inside the cockpit.

As Lewis Hamilton is the most prominent driver who usually wears piercings and other jewellery, many thought the FIA was targeting him specifically.

He strongly opposed the ban and even indicated he’s ok with missing races if the ban is enforced. He also noted that he is unable to remove some of his jewellery, because it was welded in.

The FIA decided to allow a grace period until June 28, giving time for drivers to arrange the removal of any hard-to-remove pieces of jewellery.

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This meant that the ban would start to be enforced at Silverstone, and all those not complying with it could face penalties or even a race ban.

At the Thursday press conference Lewis said he “will be working with the FIA” on the issue and announced he will participate in the British Grand Prix.

On Friday, Lewis was seen in the car without his nose stud for the first time in years, and it appears he has decided to comply with the ban.

With that, the situation appears to have been resolved for now.

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