Lewis Hamilton reveals his Mercedes had an “engine issue” in Q3

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After Mexican Grand Prix Qualifying, Lewis Hamilton revealed his car had an “engine issue” that he hopes Mercedes can fix for the race on Sunday.

After qualifying in P3 for the Mexican Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton revealed his car had an “engine issue” in Q3.

“It was generally a really good qualifying session,” the Briton said.

“We had some problems towards the end with the engine in Q3, so I think there was definitely a bit of performance left on the table with that, unfortunately, but I did the best I could.

“Losing that first lap definitely made that last one very, very difficult. I had to be very reserved on that last lap just to make sure that it was clean, because I was a tenth up into that point.

“Unfortunately not able to push as hard as I would have liked but nevertheless I think this is a great result, second and third.

“It’s not a bad position to start and I hope we can fix the engine issue for tomorrow.”

Lewis then further explained the problem.

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“It started to appear in Q2 and then it was every run in Q3. I was basically dropping out of power on exits of corners, so I definitely think we were losing quite a bit of time out of the last corner and most of the corners.

“Not really sure what was happening but it felt like an ignition issue. But I’ll find out from the team.”

In the end, Lewis said he will do his best in the race tomorrow.

“Naturally it’s always a tough race around here, with the track temperatures and tyres, but these guys [Red Bull] have been rapid all year long.

“Even when we are at our best this weekend, we are still losing out to them in straightline speed, so it will definitely be difficult to get by tomorrow.

“But we’ll give it our best shot. Turn 1 is an opportunity, so we’ll go for it.”

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