Lewis Hamilton reveals his standout Formula 1 memories

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Lewis Hamilton has surpassed 300 grands prix, so it’s a perfect time to reflect on his most memorable moments in Formula 1.

The Hungarian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton had participated in his 301st Formula 1 race. It was a perfect time to reflect on his amazing career in the sport.

The Briton was asked by the media to reveal his standout memories since he made his F1 debut in 2007.

“Standout… I think it’s difficult to say,” Lewis said.

“Your first Grand Prix is always going to be one, and your first win, I would say probably those two, and your home Grand Prix as well. Maybe those three are probably the most standout ones.”

Hamilton especially emphasized his first F1 race – the 2007 Australian Grand Prix.

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“The whole realisation of reaching your dream is a very, very surreal experience.

“And it is always going to be your first – there’s only one first. Just getting to the first Grand Prix in 2007….

“The amount of sleepless nights as a family, all of us had had, not knowing whether or not we’d be able to reach our goal, reach our dream, but never giving up nonetheless and and being there.

“So I think that’s probably going to be the real highlight,” Hamilton concluded.

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