Lewis Hamilton reveals what would make him leave Mercedes

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Amid media speculation about what Lewis Hamilton’s next move will be, the Briton explains what would make him leave Mercedes and look at other options.

Amid Mercedes’ performance issues, the F1 media has been full of speculation regarding Lewis Hamilton’s future.

Although he said on numerous occasions that he is not looking at other options, this has not stopped the media and some fans from speculating that he might be on his way out of Mercedes.

Amid these talks, Lewis revealed what would make him truly consider his other options.

“If I don’t feel like I’m being challenged, I’m not progressing or I’m not evolving, that is where you start thinking about your next move,” the Briton told Speedcafe.com.

“And I just haven’t felt that in these 10 years. I feel like the whole team has been evolving, with new people, new structures being put in place, new targets being set.

“I feel that I’ve had the right team to grow. Not only as a driver but as a man. I’ve been given the ability to be myself and been accepted by Mercedes.

“And look what we’ve accomplished together, not only in results on track but things we’ve accomplished off-track and the steps we’ve taken.

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“The changes we’re making through Accelerate 25 and Mission 44, where we are really starting to impact people.

“It makes me so proud because we hold ourselves to the highest standards and highest levels in everything we do.”

Lewis then explained Mercedes is highly motivated and doing everything in their power to return to the top.

“We know we’re not perfect and we can always be better, that’s what we are always trying to do.

“We don’t have a great car right now but we’re putting one foot in front of the other, and we know we can get back to the front.

“It’s going to be the hardest task we’ve faced together to get back to where we want to be and catch Red Bull.

“But what an accomplishment that will be,” Hamilton concluded.

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