Lewis Hamilton reveals when it’s “time to panic” over his future

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Lewis Hamilton says he doesn’t “feel old at all”, and reveals there are areas he is “constantly working on to make sure those stay as sharp as they can be”.

Lewis Hamilton recently revealed he is expecting to sign a new “multi-year contract” with Mercedes, which could extend his career well into his forties.

The Briton says he doesn’t feel like he’s nearing the time to retire.

“It is really about state of mind,” Hamilton said.

“I don’t feel old but if you look at yourself in a mirror every day and tell yourself you are old, that is probably how you are going to feel.

“I don’t feel old at all, I feel young, I feel that through my training, through the energy I still have today.

“If you knew the things you knew today, how much better would you be when you were younger? If I knew things I knew today, I would have been even better at 22 but I have got the wisdom now.”

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Lewis then revealed when it’s going to be “time to panic” regarding his future in the sport.

“If you look at all my starts, I have had the best starts of anyone this year.

“My concentration levels have not been a problem and also there are things you can work on in the background to keep those sharp.

“There are things I am constantly working on to make sure those stay as sharp as they can be. I am sure naturally at some stage those things start to change but I have not seen that yet.

“When I do, it is time to panic, I guess,” Hamilton concluded.

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