Lewis Hamilton reveals why he still wears a protective face mask

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

Wearing face masks as a measure against COVID-19 is no longer required in Formula 1, however Lewis Hamilton can still be seen wearing one. He explains why.

Over the last six months, Formula 1 has loosened up its COVID-19 protection protocols, and face masks are no longer mandatory in the paddock or on the track.

However, Lewis Hamilton is often seen still wearing a face mask. After the Austrian Grand Prix, he was asked if he believed the sport has gone back to normality too soon.

“No, this is personal choice,” Lewis said.

“I just noticed a lot of people around me are getting sick and definitely don’t want to get sick again. I’ve already experienced it twice.

“But just I notice a lot of people around me, a lot of my friends messaging me that they’ve got COVID and some of them are much worse than others.

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“And obviously I didn’t have Bono with me this weekend.

“No one’s wearing a mask so I’m definitely wearing my mask. I urge people to do what they want to do and it’s your health at the end of the day.

“But yeah, I want to go home healthy. I want to be able to get up and train and do the things I love doing.

“And I try, if I can, to keep the people that I love around me also safe when I can, when I’m around them.

“So yeah, that’s it,” Hamilton concluded.

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