Lewis Hamilton: “Roscoe is the best travel pet”

Source: Mercedes F1 Twitter

Lewis Hamilton talks about what it’s like to travel with his lovable dog Roscoe, and reveals what it’s like when he comes back from a race.

Fans of Formula 1 are already very familiar with Lewis Hamilton’s cute bulldog Roscoe, who often accompanies the seven-time champion on race weekends.

In a talk with Marriott Bonvoy Traveller, Lewis Hamilton was asked to describe what it’s like to travel with Roscoe.

“Roscoe is the best travel pet, he just sleeps with you,” Hamilton said.

“Our first flight was out to Denver, Colorado. I remember him being by my feet. I fell asleep, and then I woke up to him tapping my leg, and he’s looking at me, and it is almost like: ‘I need to go to the toilet, dad’.

“I don’t know if he did, but this was three hours into a 10-hour flight. I said, ‘Go back to sleep’, so he goes back to sleep.

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“Then he woke up again, did the same thing. But all he really wanted was to get on my lap and hug — and he is not the smallest of dogs. So I was sleeping in a seat with him like a baby on my lap.

“If I have a race, I say bye to him in the morning, and he’s sad that I’m leaving. But when I get back, he’s the most excited. It’s like: ‘I’ve been waiting to play with you all day’.

“Then I get the Frisbee and play with him, and that’s, for me, the biggest highlight – the unconditional love you get from a pet like that,” the Briton concluded.

If you want to find out more about Lewis’ doggo, you can read some fun facts about Roscoe Hamilton here!

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