Lewis Hamilton says comparisons to Schumacher feel “surreal”

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Lewis Hamilton says it feels surreal when people compare him to seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher.

At the BBC Sports Personality of the year Award show, Hamilton talked about what his accomplishments mean to him.

“Each year, it’s a new, fresh start for everyone, a new chance to rise to the challenge,” said the Briton.

“You know, honestly, I never look at records. I don’t really know why.

“I just remember growing up in Stevenage and watching Michael Schumacher win world championships, so it’s very, very surreal still to this day to have my name brought up in the same sentence as his.

“That’s a real honour and something my family are very, very proud of.

“I am inspired by so many people who are here in the UK, here in the audience, so many of the sportsmen and women who are doing great, great things.

“And if there is one young kid who sees what I do – or even adult – and it helps them get across the line, that would make me really happy.”

Hamilton went on to praise his team for their hard work throughout the years.

“Working with this huge team, each year coming with the focus and being able to deliver and raise the bar each year – many of the champions out there know how hard that is.

“I’ve been very proud of working with this great team Mercedes.

“There are a lot of young drivers now. I am the second oldest driver now in F1 and (the target is) to continue to find new levels, new heights and raise the bar.”

Source: BBC Sport

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