Lewis Hamilton says driving a Formula 1 car is an “art form”

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Lewis Hamilton talks about the art of driving a Formula 1 car and his other creative endeavours such as making music.

In an interview with Sky Sports F1 Lewis Hamilton explains he has always wanted an outlet to express his creativity.

“I would say I’m a lot busier than any driver has ever really been,” the Briton said.

“I think there’s been a lot of experiences when I was younger, and even when I first got to Formula 1, about what you can and cannot do. When people say you cannot, that’s kind of a version of supressing you.

“I’ve been experimenting with all these different outlets, things that I’m passionate about. There’s so much I want to do.”

Lewis reveals his move to an at the time mid-field Mercedes team was partially motivated by his desire to be more creative.

“‘Don’t go to Mercedes’; most people would have said that. Probably… 90-plus per cent of people would have said that!

“But for me that was my opportunity to have a chance to be creative, to grow with a team that’s perhaps not at the front but has the potential to be at the front.

“To get back some of my time, some of my image rights, to be able to do these other things that I do – and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without this team.”

“I wouldn’t be able to do all these other things if it wasn’t for racing.”

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The seven-time champion explains he considers driving a Formula 1 car to also be a form of art.

“It’s an art form what we do. I don’t know if people look at it that way but it is really an art form. If you look at a painter whose trying to find his strokes, it’s the same thing with us as drivers, we’re constantly trying to finesse the car.

“And I guess you’re creating as you’re doing a lap, you’re creating along the way. I definitely think it’s a creative outlet.

“You’re trying to be creative with your setup, you’re trying to be creative understanding what can and can’t be done with the car, coming up with ideas of reforming the steering wheel, redesigning your pedals, redesigning the seat, the aero package that you have and where its best to use it.

“There’s a huge creative aspect.”

But Hamilton has also ventured into other forms of art, such as fashion design (with Tommy Hilfiger) and, most recently, music. The Briton appeared in a Christian Aguilera song “Pipe” under the name ‘XNDA’. At first it was unknown who XNDA was, but ultimately Lewis revealed it was him.

“Aw man, I was so nervous. I was so nervous! People would never know it, but I struggle with anxiety.

“I’ve been doing music a long, long time – I never got into it with the goal of putting it out there or being a popstar or anything like that, I just loved creating.

“Ever since I was like 12, 13, I was at home strumming alone in my room and I was trying to write down lyrics.

“Those days, most of the time, I’d just be thinking this is c**p ,this is no good, then I’d pick it up again and I just never gave up.

“I do that today and it’s quite therapeutic. Then I’m travelling and I play it to friends, and they’re like ‘you should do something with it, or put it out!’.

“I have so much more that I want to share so maybe I’ll do another live and show a bit more,” concluded Hamilton.

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