Lewis Hamilton says Esteban Ocon ‘put him in the wall’

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Lewis Hamilton says he is “grateful” that he managed to finish the Monaco Grand Prix, after Esteban Ocon ‘put him in the wall’.

At the Monaco Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton got stuck behind a much slower Esteban Ocon and, after a few overtaking attempts, Ocon basically crashed into him, causing front wing damage.

The French driver later received a five-second penalty for the incident, but Lewis says he is “grateful” that he even managed to finish the race.

“I mean he put me in the wall, so I’m just grateful I finished,” the Briton said.

“I’m so surprised that my car stayed together, so I’m grateful for that.”

After getting ahead of Ocon through pit stops, Lewis then got stuck behind his team-mate Fernando Alonso. The Briton says it’s hard to say what would have been possible otherwise.

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“I don’t know what was possible, it certainly didn’t help being stuck behind [Alpine] though.

“It’s been a tough weekend and I’ve had some unlucky situations, like the red flag in qualifying, so I’m looking forward now to turning the page and heading to Baku.”

Lewis added that he already knew what to expect in the race, once he qualified behind Alonso.

“Well, I knew that would be the case once Alonso qualified ahead of me, but there was nothing I can really do.

“I was hoping for some sort of opportunity with the rain, but it didn’t turn into an opportunity. Then I tried to get by, then I got stuck behind his team-mate.

“So yes, one of those days,” he concluded.

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