Lewis Hamilton says he changes his driving style every year

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

Lewis Hamilton says his driving technique evolves every year throughout the season in order to adapt to different conditions.

Even after winning six world titles Lewis Hamilton insists there are still areas where himself and Mercedes can improve.

“You can always improve,” Hamilton said.

“We didn’t win every race last year – there are areas that we stumbled and there are so many elements. There’s always areas we can improve.

“As a driver, how I can improve communication with my team and mechanics and the guys back at the factory? But also as a driver, [how can I] deliver better performances?”

When Sky Sports F1’s Martin Brundle commented on making changes to driving technique, Hamilton immediately explained how he does this regularly.

“Every year I do. Every year, and even through the season the technique’s evolving.

“This year for example we’ve got the same tyres as last year, but last year, the whole year was an issue [with the tyres].

“So there’s still subtle techniques which I’m going to have to adapt, with also a different car.

“And that’s part of the game, is being able to be adaptive, and we’ve got this new car – I don’t know how it’s going to handle, hopefully she’s great,” concluded Hamilton.

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