Lewis Hamilton says he doesn’t want to talk about Abu Dhabi anymore

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Lewis Hamilton says the last thing he wanted to talk about during the winter break was Formula 1, and he considers the Abu Dhabi GP talk to be “done and dusted”.

At the 2022 Barcelona Pre-Season Track Session press conference Lewis Hamilton said he didn’t want to talk about Formula 1 over the winter break.

“As soon as I went away, I switched off completely,” the Briton said.

“I don’t generally speak to anyone then. I wasn’t on my phone through the whole break, I was just with my family.

“There wasn’t a ban [on F1 talk], but it was definitely the last thing I really wanted to talk to anyone about.

“I speak to my dad about those things, because it’s something we started together, but we didn’t touch on it.

“It was generally more about being present, living in the moment, creating memories. We know that sometimes in life we get so focused and so stuck into things like work that we forget to do those things.

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“It was a great time, just refreshing with them, really. And it was the best period of time I’ve actually ever had with my family.”

Hamilton added that he doesn’t want to talk about the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix controversy anymore, as he thinks he said everything he needed to say.

“I feel like I addressed pretty much everything I needed and wanted to address last week. I don’t really have any more to add to it.

“I’m here solely to focus on my job now, which is getting on top of this new car, the new regulations and moving this team forward.

“There’s no point looking back or commenting on any of it. It’s done and dusted,” Lewis concluded.

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