Lewis Hamilton says he feels “amazing” about his Mercedes future

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Lewis Hamilton says he sees Mercedes as his “family”, and he sees himself “being with Mercedes until my last days”, like Sir Stirling Moss was.

In the past several weeks, the F1 media has been spreading has been spreading rumours about Lewis Hamilton’s future, and his possible exit from Mercedes.

Even though he said on numerous occasions that he plans on staying with the team until he retires (and even beyond that), this did not stop the speculation.

Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, the Briton was again asked how he feels about his Mercedes future.

“I feel amazing about it,” Lewis said.

“I continue to feel very much at home. It is my family, and I see myself being with Mercedes until my last days.

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“If you look at the legends like Sir Stirling Moss, who was with Mercedes until the end of days, that has been the dream for me, to one day have that.

“I have got some amazing allies at the team, some great relationships here, and as long as I can continue to help the team, drive the team forward and really contribute then that is why I want to stay.

“If there is ever a point where I feel like I am not able to do that, it is time for a youngster to come in and take my seat.

“But I still feel pretty young and in pretty decent shape,” Hamilton concluded.

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