Lewis Hamilton says he “probably could have come second” at Spa

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Lewis Hamilton says “it’s going to be hard to beat the Red Bulls”, but Mercedes “should be in a slightly better window” at the Dutch Grand Prix.

Ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was asked if he believes Mercedes could perform better at Zandvoort than it did at Spa.

“We hope so, it should be in a slightly better window this weekend, yeah,” the Briton said.

“Last weekend it didn’t look good and all that confidence that we built over five races kind of, it was like a ‘two steps forward and five back’ kind of feeling, but I think it was maybe a one-off, particularly with that track, and so yes, I’m definitely hoping.

“I think it’s going to be hard to beat the Red Bulls so it’s going to need something to come away and open up and create that opportunity, but that’s always possible, so we’ll see.”

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Lewis then praised his team-mate George Russell for his performance in Belgium, where he finished in P4.

“George did a great job in the last race, as he continues to do during the year. It’s definitely tough because I think I probably could have come second in the last race if I’d done the job I was supposed to do, but you live and you learn.

“We don’t have the pace, naturally, over a single lap, that’s something that we’re trying to work on,  but race pace is definitely key in some places.

“So I’m thinking that we just have to keep on working on that, not lose our race potential, but try and improve our single lap,” Hamilton concluded.

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