Lewis Hamilton says he tries to be “a positive light” to young drivers

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Lewis Hamilton says, “as an older driver” he tries to reach out to younger drivers and be “kind of a positive light to them”.

In a talk with Jay Shetty on his “On Purpose” podcast, Lewis Hamilton said he tries to reach out to younger drivers and help them, but also tries to “create allies” when it comes to issues that concern him.

“So I really feel like, as an older driver, I’m trying to be more like reaching out to youngsters because they’re the future, you know?” Lewis said.

“I’m excited to see some of these younger drivers coming through, [they’re] so, so talented.

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“I don’t know if they’ve got the best structure around them, like I didn’t necessarily have the ultimate structure that I perhaps have now. So I just try to be kind of a positive light to them.

“None of them are black. None of them have necessarily faced the same as me, but they face their own challenges, and [it’s about] respecting that within everybody.

“I’ve tried to create allies, like in having the difficult conversations with some of them.

“I’m so grateful for a couple of them that really took the knee with me in 2020,” Hamilton concluded.

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