Lewis Hamilton says he was “still pushing out there”

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After dominantly winning the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton said he wasn’t just cruising to victory and had to push all the way.

“Believe it or not it was still pushing out there, particularly for the fastest lap at the end,” said Hamilton after the race.

“My job out there is obviously to make no mistakes, which I didn’t. But being able to manage the tyres the way I do, that’s something I’m constantly working trying to work, constantly studying how to improve.

“I think that’s why I was able to get that gap that I had and get that lap at the end. I was managing those mediums for a long, long time, right at the end it was perfect to get on the fresh tyre and get the extra point.

“Whilst I was on my own for [most of] the race, it was just a different kind of challenge, and of course we had great pace.

“Honestly it was one of my favourite races to have raced. It couldn’t have been without these great guys that are working, just great pit stops, great strategy.”

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Hamilton has now surpassed Valtteri Bottas at the top of the 2020 championship standings, however things didn’t look so good after the first race of the season, when the Briton finished in P4 (after a five second penalty).

“I definitely feel round one was multiple different punches that I wasn’t perhaps ready for. But I refocused, which I try to do between every race, and the last two have been fantastic.

“I think this weekend [we’ve been] just on point throughout the weekend, so we need to try to keep this up.”

Now F1 heads to Hamilton’s home track – Silverstone. The Briton is happy to race back home.

“I love Silverstone. [Not having any fans] is something that’s really bugging me a bit … It feels great to be out there because when you’re in the zone you’re in the zone, but I really do miss the energy they bring.

“I don’t have a lot years left [in F1] and that’s going to be one year I miss the guys, all the fans, but I do want them to stay safe and we’re in that time where safety is everything.

“I hope I can perform well for them there because I know they’ll be watching from a distance.

“I do hope everyone is staying safe,” concluded Hamilton.

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