Lewis Hamilton says he won’t remove jewellery, despite FIA ban

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In response to FIA’s jewellery clampdown, Lewis Hamilton says he doesn’t have “any plans of removing” his piercings, because some of them are “literally welded in”.

Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix weekend, FIA race director Niels Wittich reminded Formula 1 drivers that they are not allowed to wear jewellery while driving their cars during on-track sessions.

Some observers, including Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravitz, have said they believe this clampdown is targeting Lewis Hamilton directly, as he is the only F1 driver who regularly wears nose and ear piercings.

After the race, Hamilton told reporters that he has no plans on removing some of them.

“I don’t have any plans of removing them,” the Briton said.

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“I feel they are personal things and you should be able to be who you are. There’s stuff that I can’t remove.

“I literally can’t even take these out [pointing to his ear]. These ones on my right ear, they’re literally welded in so they’d have to get chopped off, or something like that.

“They’ll be staying,” concluded Hamilton.

It remains to be seen if and how the FIA plans to enforce this rule.

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