Hamilton says he’s “proud” of his fans “in a big orange field of Max fans”

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Lewis Hamilton says he’s proud of his fans “for the bravery they have” when they’re “in a big orange field of Max fans”, “especially with what’s been going on this year”.

In an interview with RACER, Lewis Hamilton revealed how hard his ‘mistakes’ hit him, most recently his collision with Fernando Alonso at the Belgian Grand Prix.

The two drivers collided on lap 1 of the race, and although Hamilton was not penalized, he himself has said the incident was his fault.

“These past few days [since the collision with Alonso at Spa] have not been easy, and I don’t take lightly mistakes that I make,” the Briton said.

“And some people will be like, ‘well, don’t be so hard on yourself,’ but that’s how I’ve got to be the driver I am today.

“And there’s so many implications of a mistake. For example, the one I made. The team, the damage, the points for the team, the morale.

“So I go back into the factory and I’m like, ‘I’m so sorry’. But we win and we lose as a team and we pull back together and that’s the part I really do love.

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“I’m not alone in the emotional roller coaster ride.”

Lewis then added he also feels bad for his fans, especially in countries like Austria, Belgium, Hungary and the Netherlands, where there is a large number of Max Verstappen fans, who have recently been called out for hurling racist and sexist abuse at Hamilton fans.

“I feel bad for my friends that came to [the Belgian GP] and sat there ready to go, even if they’re one of a couple in a big orange field of Max [Verstappen] fans.

“I’m so proud of them for the bravery they have, especially with what’s been going on this year. It’s not easy to stand in a crowd of the opponent’s fans.

“But they have been amazing, and so I know I’ve got to get back up for them as well.

“So that’s what I’m trying to do,” Hamilton concluded.

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