Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes “can’t go any higher” with their car

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Lewis Hamilton says that even if the new FIA technical directive mandates that certain cars need to increase their ride height, Mercedes is unable to “go any higher”.

Yesterday the FIA has introduced a new technical directive which is aimed at reducing porpoising. According to the directive, the cars that are unable to fulfil the requirements of a “safe set-up”, will have increase their ride height by 10 millimetres. Unfortunately, this also means they will lose performance.

Hamilton, however, says that it might be impossible for Mercedes “go any higher”.

“Safety is the most important thing,” the Briton said ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.

“I think in every team someone has complained about porpoising. We have to solve the problem for us and the future drivers.

“In the last race and previous races we have raised the car and you still have bouncing.

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“Porpoising is more about the flow structure underneath the car so we have run the car high all season and it was not until Barcelona that we started to be able to get the car a little bit lower.

“We had no bouncing for the first time in Barcelona except for in the high-speed corners and then it appeared again in Monaco and in Baku so we had to raise the car again.

“So even when we raised the car, this thing still bounces and we can’t go any higher actually, we are limited by the rear suspension now.

“So we do lose performance naturally when you do go higher but this porpoising is actually caused by the disrupted flow beneath the car,” Hamilton concluded.

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