Lewis Hamilton says nose ring is “a health part” and will be staying

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Lewis Hamilton comments on being summoned to the stewards for wearing jewellery in the car, and gives thoughts on his P3 in Singapore Grand Prix Qualifying.

After the Singapore Grand Prix FP3, Lewis Hamilton has been summoned to the stewards for wearing jewellery in the car.

The Briton explains he is wearing his piercing on doctor’s orders.

“It got infected loads of times and I was trying to find a solution and I went back to the clinic and that is the best way for it to heal,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1.

“For me, it is a health part so that is the way it is going to stay and we are going to have to deal with it.”

The controversy, however, didn’t stop Lewis from producing great qualifying laps, ultimately losing out on pole by 0.054s. After the session he gave his first thoughts.

“I was pushing so hard. It was, so, so close. I was trying so hard, but these guys are always so quick.

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“I really thought maybe with a perfect lap, which is really hard to get, we could be fighting for first place. I just didn’t have the grip on the last lap.

“Nonetheless, I’m grateful to be on the second row and I’m grateful to the team for continuing to push. We’ll just keep biting down and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

“We didn’t know how close we would be. We knew the car would be stronger than it was in Monza, but we didn’t know how close it would be.

“To lose out by that bit is… We’ll get up and fight again tomorrow.”

Later Sky Sports’ Natalie Pinkham asked Lewis to compare his lap to his famous pole lap from Singapore in 2018.

“I mean lap wise it was way off [the pole lap in 2018], but it was such a challenge. I was so happy.

“In [F]P2 the car wasn’t feeling so great, it felt good in [F]P1, then we made some changes overnight.

“Obviously none of us got a good run in [F]P3, but as soon as I saw that we were fighting for that front row I was thinking ‘oh my god maybe it is on today’.

“I was just trying to squeeze out everything and that is the closest hope I have had of getting a front row this year.

“To be a half a tenth off, there was definitely half a tenth out there on track and it is gutting in one sense, but I am grateful in another,” Lewis concluded.

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