Lewis Hamilton says ‘over wheel winglets’ are a “waste of space”

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At the Italian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton damaged his ‘over wheel winglet’, and afterwards he admitted he doesn’t “even know what those things are for”.

In 2022 Formula 1 cars are sporting winglets over the front wheels, which is a noticeable change from previous years.

At the Italian Grand Prix one of these winglets got damaged on Lewis Hamilton’s car.

“I don’t remember having any contact,” the Briton told Sky Sports after the race.

“I avoided collision but there was something definitely damaged. I think I hit a bit of debris as it came off another car and damaged the little fairing on the tyre.”

Lewis was then asked if this had affected his car’s performance, but he admitted he’s not even sure why the winglets are there.

“I have no idea [if it affected performance]. I mean the grip didn’t feel that great, it was flapping around.

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“I don’t even know what those things are for – waste of space.”

Lewis later again told journalists that he was not entirely sure of what had happened.

“I didn’t touch with anybody, I don’t think, but I saw some bits flying off other people’s cars hit mine. And I think that damage the front flap over the tyre.

“Those things I don’t even know what they’re for. But it was flapping, that was damaged.

“They get in the way of your view, that’s all,” Hamilton concluded.

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