Lewis Hamilton says the bouncing could have put him “into the wall”

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Lewis Hamilton says the incessant bouncing at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix made him worry if he was going to be able to “keep the car on track”.

The heavy bouncing Lewis Hamilton has experienced at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has left the Briton with severe back pain, but he reveals it was also a safety hazard in the race.

“There were a lot of moments when I didn’t know if I would make it,” Hamilton said after the race.

“Just whether I was going to keep the car on track because I don’t know if you saw it, I nearly lost it in the high-speed several times.

“So the battle with the car was intense. And then at the end, the last 10 laps to the flag, I was just having to go internal, like ‘you can do this, you’ve got this, just bear with it’.

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“The thing was bouncing so much sometimes. There were so many times I was nearly going into the wall.

“So that was a concern – safety-wise at 180mph, smashing into the wall…I don’t think I’ve really ever had to think about that too much as a racing driver.

“You don’t really ever think about keeping it out of the wall at that high speed.

“A very, very, very strange experience,” the Briton concluded.

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