Lewis Hamilton says the Monaco Grand Prix “needs to change”

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Lewis Hamilton says the Monaco Grand Prix “is the most beautiful place that we get to race at”, but “it’s never exciting for the fans”.

The Monaco Grand Prix is Formula 1’s most famous and legendary race. However, it is already common knowledge that the race is expected to be quite, well, boring.

The narrow street track never left drivers enough room to overtake, especially now that the cars are bigger than ever before.

Lewis Hamilton believes some changes to the Monaco Grand Prix weekend format should be made, to make the experience more exciting for the fans

“Now we have much bigger cars, much faster,” Hamilton said the the Wednesday press conference.

“Almost zero opportunity to overtake in a race. But it’s been the case for some time. And, in my opinion, it needs to change.

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“We’ve had the same format for years. It’s the best venue. It is the most beautiful place that we get to race at. But you already know that it’s never exciting for the fans.”

The Briton adds the durability of the tyres makes it easy for teams to commit to a one-stop strategy, which makes the race even less exciting.

“It’s a one stop race with these hard, long stints that we get to do. And, as I said, it’s on the list of difficult places to overtake, it is off the scale.

“Highly unlikely you ever get an opportunity to do so. And so I don’t think fans enjoy that. I don’t know what the solution is.

“But, I’m hoping when we are looking forwards to future generations, it can be a more exciting race for people,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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