Lewis Hamilton says the W13 is “like a viper or a rattlesnake”

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Lewis Hamilton says him and George Russell have to “find the level of the bouncing as hardcore as we can go without rattling our brains out of our skulls”.

At the Australian Grand Prix Qualifying Mercedes managed to make the best out of a bad situation and qualify in P5 and P6.

After getting knocked out in Q1 at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Qualifying, Lewis Hamilton is happy to once again be closer to the front of the grid.

“Compared to yesterday, yeah, and also compared to the last race for me this is nice, to be back up there,” the Briton said.

“I think Jeddah was really tough, to be so far back and not really be able to make a lot of progress. And yesterday was a difficult day, we had a bigger deficit and we worked hard through the night.

“Everyone back at the factory was working hard to try and figure out where we can go with the set-up and I think we’ve extracted the most from the car today.

“I feel like my lap, there was a little bit more in the car so that’s a positive. I’m naturally also gutted I wasn’t able to extract that little bit, but the problem is when you push that car just a little bit more she’s quite spiteful.

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“She’s like a viper or a rattlesnake – you never know…”

Lewis goes on to say the goal right now is to find a balance between the bouncing and the downforce.

“Basically, we just have to try and find the level of the bouncing as hardcore as we can go without rattling our brains out of our skulls, and that’s what we tried to do.

“[George] and I have slightly different cars because we are trying all these different things. I’ve got something in my car that makes it a bit heavier but it’s not a huge step.

“Hopefully it will enable the team to gain more information from the race tomorrow. I hope from that, we can start making some progress,” Hamilton concluded.

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