Lewis Hamilton says there are no tensions between him and Mercedes

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Earlier this year, Lewis Hamilton said Mercedes did not listen to his suggestions to take their car in a different direction. He now reveals this did not lead to any tensions.

Back in 2022, Mercedes introduced an innovative ‘zero sidepod’ concepts that the team hoped would help them mount another championship title challenge.

Things did not turn out that way, and the team ultimately struggled with their car throughout the season.

Although many expected the team would change their design philosophy in 2023, this surprisingly did not happen. When Mercedes’ cars lined up the grid in Bahrain, it was obvious that they looked very much like they did a year earlier.

After a disappointing result, Toto Wolff said the team will definitely change their concept, and that change became visible at the Monaco Grand Prix, when the first big upgrade package arrived.

In an interview later in the season, Lewis Hamilton revealed he had told Mercedes back in 2022 that they need to go in a different development direction, but they did not listen to him.

Now, in a talk with M4 Sport, Lewis was asked if this had put a strain on his relationship with the team.

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“I think in the heated and intense sport that we’re living in, of course there’s frustrations on both sides all of the time, and what’s important is you just continue to be open and communicate about those,” Lewis said.

“I think you’re constantly growing through those conversations. I think the most important thing is to be aligned on where you’re going.

“There’s no doubt that everyone in this team wants to win. We’ve been caught off guard about the cost cap and just the direction of the new regulations, and you just can’t copy and paste and do something different.

“It has to evolve and manoeuvre into a different direction. It just takes time. Has it been quick enough?

“Maybe not but the good thing is we’ve now sat down, we’ve now said: ‘Okay we’re more open minded, this is maybe the direction we need to go so let’s explore it and let’s get on top of it for next year,’” the Briton concluded.

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