Lewis Hamilton says “there’s no finger-pointing” at Mercedes

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After suffering many setbacks at the Monaco Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton explains how Mercedes deals with failure.

Lewis Hamilton finished the Monaco Grand Prix in P7, in part due to an unsuccessful strategy, but more importantly due to having trouble with tyres in cold conditions.

“People know we struggle with our tyres in cold conditions,” said Hamilton.

“For whatever reasons, we couldn’t get our tyres working the way others could. But then at the same time, they [Mercedes’ rivals] are able to have really good long runs or race pace.

“So that is a big, big question of how we are utilising the tyres on tracks like Monaco.

“Obviously, in previous races, we’ve generally been relatively good on the tyres, but that one particularly has been weak.

“So that is an area we need to try and understand and rectify for the future.”

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Although the Briton seemed to be agitated after being informed that he has lost two additional places due to an unsuccessful attempt at an undercut, he says the team is not playing the ‘blame game’ behind the scenes.

“We don’t like to kick each other when we are down. There’s no finger-pointing so there is no individual that takes the blame.

“We win and we lose as a team. We have a very open discussion, very open and honest. It’s not a personal thing.

“It’s like ‘Hey man, this should have been better, this should have been better. Can we do this? Why didn’t we do this?’.

“We all take everything on board and it’s constructive discussion and if there is any constructive criticism we take it on board and we just huddle up, we do the work, we get on a call,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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