Lewis Hamilton says ‘winless season’ did not demotivate him

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Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes “had to face the reality early in the season”, so “some results felt like victories when they weren’t”.

Mercedes faced difficulties with their car throughout 2022, which ultimately led to Lewis Hamilton’s first winless season since he joined Formula 1.

In an interview with Sport Build, Lewis was asked if ending the season without a win has demotivated him.

“It definitely doesn’t demotivate me,” the Briton said.

“I’m sure I’ve had seasons without a win before – it must have been in karting in 2001.

“We obviously wanted to fight for the World Championship last season, but we had to face the reality early in the season.

“Still, some results felt like victories when they weren’t.”

When asked to further explain what he meant by this, he said:

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“We’d had so many hits before that it felt a little empty. We won, but that was expected. That’s weird because it’s actually such a great thing.

“So it was all the nicer to see how happy we were about the small stages. We fought for fifth place and everyone was excited.

“Then it was a matter of fourth place and everyone was absolutely thrilled. It was a nice experience to be so happy with a fourth or fifth place.

“Also feeling the feeling of fighting your way forward, of having first, third or second place, ‘we’re almost there’, this is something we all needed.”

Asked if you learn to appreciate success more through failure, Lewis said:

“Yes, I appreciate achievements even more now.

“After the race in Brazil, when George Russell won and I finished second, I was incredibly happy about this team effort,” he concluded.

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