Lewis Hamilton takes on new spec MGU-K a race early

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Mercedes confirmed that Lewis Hamilton took on a new MGU-K for the British Grand Prix weekend because of “data anomalies”.

The new spec MGU-K was supposed to be introduced to all Mercedes-powered cars next week for the second race at Silverstone, but Hamilton’s car was fitted with the update a race early as a “precautionary” measure.

The new spec MGU-K has been developed to address potential reliability concerns and will be fitted to Valtteri Bottas‘ car and both Williams and Racing Point cars next week.

“It’s a precautionary change one race earlier than planned due to some data anomalies after Hungary,” said Mercedes’ spokesperson.

“It’s an updated spec of MGU-K for reliability reasons, which will be on all cars from next weekend.”

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Mercedes’ Technical Director James Allison talked about the team’s reliability issues after last week’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

“I think anyone who had sat with us through the first weekend of the year wouldn’t have entertained the idea of a Mercedes procession at that stage,” said the Briton.

“They would have seen us all desperately worried about the car, and its ability to finish a single race.

“Every car on the grid has a sword of Damocles hanging over it pretty much every lap, because they are all experimental vehicles with any number of ways that they can catch you out, or actually, you disappoint yourself for not having seen it coming.

“We’re only too well aware of the billion frailties that are there, even in a product that is pretty strong, like our car and driver combo that we’ve got this year.”

Source: autosport.com

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