Lewis Hamilton talks about being back in the fight ahead of Hungary

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Mercedes has experienced a bit of slump prior to the British Grand Prix, with Red Bull winning five race in a row. However, Lewis Hamilton now says: “The race is on!”

After finally being able to strike back at Red Bull at the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton reflected on what brought the team to this point.

“Honestly it’s been such a hard year, Lewis said at the post-race press conference.

“One I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve loved this battle but an emotional rollercoaster as it always is within a championship.

“I really enjoyed those first four races where it was close as it was this weekend. Then we saw them take that step ahead and I would say we’ve definitely made some mistakes as a team, but just also lost a bit of performance.

“So to see an upgrade come back and us get back in the fight and be relatively close and to even be able to qualify ahead was really, really amazing and it just felt I was inspired by what the team brought.

“Did I think that we would be back in the title fight? Jeez, I don’t know. I prayed and hoped for it but I thought that it would be a long slog to try and regain any of the points but we’re now closer.

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“He’s still got quite a few points ahead but the race is on!”

The Hungarian Grand Prix is next. It is a race that Lewis has won eight times, but he is still careful when talking about the possibility of scoring his 100th win there.

“I think it’s… this race here for us has been a step forward for us. I think that track is often very good for the Red Bulls can… I don’t know, maybe they have more downforce.

“But this year they definitely lost less downforce from what we understand with the new regs and the floor, so I anticipate they will be very, very strong there and hard to beat.

“It’s not a track that you can really overtake unless you have offset strategy but I hope that we… I hope it remains as close as it has been this weekend.

“I think this weekend was a little bit more reminiscent of the first four races and so fingers crossed that continues,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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