Lewis Hamilton talks about the women who ‘enabled him to excel’

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Lewis Hamilton says his mother Carmen Larbalestier and stepmother Linda Hamilton “weren’t out enjoying life or on holidays, all their money went into racing”.

During the Mercedes-Benz Ladies Day in Australia, Lewis Hamilton talked about influential women in his life.

The Briton mentioned how much it meant to his mother Carmen Larbalestier (now Lockhart) when he was getting knighted by Prince Charles at Windsor Caste in December of 2021.

“We walked in, and she’s on my arm, and we had to separate, and I had to do the kneeling thing, with the sword over my shoulder,” Lewis said.

“I looked to my right, and she’s standing there with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. That was, for me, one of the most special moments I’ve ever experienced.”

Lewis then explained how much support his mother Carmen and stepmother Linda Hamilton had given him throughout the years.

“That supportive structure that both my mums have given me has really enabled me to excel.

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“They weren’t out enjoying life or on holidays, all their money went into racing and my dad couldn’t have done that alone. I remember being at home and [my stepmum] stitching my name into my first suit.

“I think we live in a world where there’s not enough compassion and not enough empathy. I feel like I really got that from my mum, both my mothers.”

Lewis then also praised his dad Anthony Hamilton, for all the support he had given him.

“He had four jobs at one stage, to keep me racing, but he was also that protector for me. I went to a school where there were not many people of colour, [and] I was beaten up a lot…

“I remember being at the track and I had that one black male figure who was there with me, because I was the only other person of colour there.

“So he was very, very important also,” the Briton concluded.

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