Lewis Hamilton teases George Russell: “I turned traction control off”

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At the Las Vegas Grand Prix launch event, Lewis Hamilton teased George Russell about his poor attempt to do a burnout in an F1 Safety Car.

At the Las Vegas Grand Prix launch event, Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Sergio Perez had some fun with the Formula 1 Safety Car.

Lewis did a demo run with the car and did some amazing donuts, while George had some trouble doing a burnout. While the two drivers were interviewed on stage later, Lewis had some fun at George’s expense.

“So George when we were in the Safety Car, whilst you weren’t looking, I turned traction control off,” Hamilton said.

“Did you?” Russell asked.

“So, when you try and do the burnouts you couldn’t do any!” Lewis continued.

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“I tried to do a burnout,” George said, before Lewis interrupted him: “He’s like ‘I don’t know what’s going on with it, it won’t break traction’.”

“So, you did that?” Russell asked, while the host said: “There you have it, team-mates for you guys.”

“Playing games!” George added, but then Lewis revealed he was just joking: “I’m f**king with you, I didn’t really do it!”

“No, no I thought you did, something wasn’t right,” Russell concluded with a smile.

You can watch the whole exchange below.

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