Lewis Hamilton: “The easiest thing is to give up”

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In a speech given to the Mulberry STEM Academy Students Lewis Hamilton talked about following dreams, failure and never giving up

Mulberry STEM Academy Students have recently visited Mercedes’ Brackley headquarters where they were greeted by Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff.

“Don’t give up,” Lewis told the students.

“You know like the easiest thing for us all to do in anything, whether it’s like your diet or it’s working out or whether it’s your studying or at your work, the easiest thing is to give up, and that should never ever be an option.

“And you can never go back. So it’s how you, like Toto, is saying, it’s analyzing what you could do better.

“Can you prepare better? Could you sacrifice something to be better prepared? Could you have set that better than before? Whatever it may be.

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“And applying to moving forward. Again it’s not how you fall, it’s how you get back up.

“That’s the theory that I have always applied to my failures,” Hamilton concluded.

And it’s a theory that Lewis was taught by his dad Anthony.

“I’m always optimistic, it’s just about putting in the hard work. Work hard and hopefully the rewards will come,” Anthony Hamilton told the Sun newspaper.

“Work hard and hopefully the rewards will come.”

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