Lewis Hamilton: “This is definitely the most positive I’ve felt this year”

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Lewis Hamilton says the United States Grand Prix weekend “is the first weekend that I’ve really felt the upgrades work”.

At the United States Grand Prix, Mercedes introduced one of the most significant upgrades of 2023 – basically a new floor.

Lewis Hamilton says this is the first time this year that he felt a big difference after an upgrade has been introduced.

“This is the first weekend that I’ve really felt the upgrades work,” the Briton said.

“So [I] felt really positive, incredibly grateful, because I know how hard everyone’s working back at the factory.

“So, it’s nice to finally see the rewards of their hard work and to feel it in the car as well.”

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Lewis adds this is good news for the future.

“Well, I mean, look, we had Brazil last year, all the sudden out of nowhere we were competitive. And then towards the end, again, I think we developed pretty well. And we weren’t necessarily the quickest, but we were closer at the end of the year.

“But yeah, I think this is definitely the most positive I’ve felt this year, but in general this has not been a terrible year.

“And just knowing the work that’s happening, I’m in constant contact with the Head of Aero and the team back [at the factory]. I just feel like everyone’s really on their toes and really ready to go.

“There’s lots of things that we can improve on in terms of processes and all of us, but I’m excited. I definitely believe that we’re going in the right direction.”

Another positive stemming from the upgrade is the fact that it gave Lewis more confidence in the car.

“Yeah, definitely I think the step that we were able to take this weekend has given me a little bit more confidence in the car, to throw it into the corners.

“So yeah, it was positive. I really enjoyed driving around this track. There are still some of the fundamental issues that we’re having with the car, which won’t change ’till next year.

“But it was really positive, as I said, to feel that the steps that we are taking. Maybe it was only a tenth upgrade, for example, but there was at least a tenth of confidence, for example, that it gave me.

“So it’s quite interesting what you see when you do have those, it’s like a double knock-on effect,” Hamilton concluded.

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