Lewis Hamilton to focus on increasing diversity in Formula 1

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At the post-testing press conference Lewis Hamilton said he hasn’t seen an increase in diversity in Formula 1 since he entered the sport in 2007.

The six-time world champion said he will focus on trying to change this going forward.

“If I’m really honest, this is my 14th year and I don’t see hardly any change in this industry,” said Hamilton.

“When I talk about this industry, that’s not just drivers, it’s engineers, catering, media. It’s all over.

“I don’t have the answer as to why that’s not changed but I can sure I plan on having a more impactful way, moving forward, to try to change it.”

However Hamilton says he has seen improvement in this regard at Mercedes.

“Within our team, I’ve seen a lot more diversity.

“It’s something I’ve spoken to Toto [Wolff] about, at least a couple of years ago, and he hadn’t noticed.

“I asked him ‘Why am I the only one here?’ Now it’s just part of the thought process, it’s where you’re looking for people, recruitment, and I guess it’s also getting the word out to people.

“When I spoke on stage [at the Laureus award ceremony], it was about gender equality, being open to all classes, all religions, and I just don’t think you see a vast range of that within this sport, for whatever reason, and I think that needs to change,” concluded the Briton.

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