Lewis Hamilton visits WIRES Wildlife Rescue after bushfire crisis

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Lewis Hamilton visited New South Wales to support WIRES’ efforts to rescue animals harmed during the bushfire crisis that hit Australia.

The bushfires in Australia have been raging since September 2019 and brought on droughts across the country. The last of the fires have been put out in March 2020, but the toll it took was catastrophic. The fires burnt an estimated 18.6 million hectares, killed at least 34 people and one billion animals and destroyed over 5,900 buildings.

Earlier this year Lewis Hamilton donated $500,000 to help fire services and animal charities who work in the Australian Bushfire crisis, more specifically WIRES Wildfire Rescue, WWF Australia and the Rural Fire Service.

“I had the incredible opportunity to visit NSW, Australia to see the admirable work [WIRES] is doing to care, rehabilitate and preserve the country’s native wildlife following the recent, devastating fires,” said Hamilton in a social media post after the visit.

“It was one of those days that really put things into perspective.”

The Briton also posted a video of the visit that you can watch below.

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