Lewis Hamilton wants the fans to get a “free race” at Spa

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Lewis Hamilton was the first (and so far only) driver to call for fans to get a refund after a sham “race” at Spa. Now he calls for at least a “free race”.

The Belgian Grand Prix wasn’t able to proceed because of heavy rain, but that didn’t stop the FIA from making drivers do two laps behind a Safety Car and call it a race.

Nobody was more disappointed than Lewis Hamilton, who called the whole thing a “farce” and said fans should get their money back. The Briton talked about it more in the “post-race” press conference.

It’s a real shame,” Lewis said.

“We obviously can’t control the weather. I’m sure all of us love racing in the rain, especially here in Spa. It’s one of the greatest circuits in the world.

“I think today, I think just really disappointed for the fans. They stood out there for absolute hours in the rain, no covering in the grandstands – I think maybe on the pit grandstand there is – but cold and wet and particularly the kids.

“More importantly, they had to spend so much money with travelling, accommodation and then they didn’t get a race.

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“Unfortunate, and I’m a little bit confused as to why they restarted the race because between the two hours when they stopped us the first time to the last time, there was no change in weather.

“But… yes… I mean I know why, but I do feel the fans were robbed of a race today and I think they probably should get their money back.”

Asked if he would be open to returning to Spa to race later in the year, Lewis said he would like it to be a “free race”.

“I’d absolutely come back. I love it here so if there is a way we could find a window where it wasn’t raining and we give the fans a free race.

“That would be great,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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